DHL Retoure

Returns made easy with DHL: DHL Retoure offers convenient solutions for returning parcels.

The benefits for you

  • The easy-to-use service for recalls and returns
  • Flexible solutions
  • Return items to an outlet, Packstation, Paketbox or delivery employee
  • Easy billing with one fixed price
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DHL offers three options for providing your customers with a return label so that you can control the return shipping of your goods in accordance with your requirements.

Return label enclosed

Your customers receive a fully prepared return label with their delivery. If they choose to send an item back, all they have to do is pack it and affix the label. As a further option, you can also have DHL Retoure picked up from you customer's address with a pick-up order.

Return labels for pick-up

The customer contacts your customer service department and arranges to return the item with a pick-up order. The DHL delivery employee collects the item from your customer's address on the agreed day, bringing the prepared return label.

Booking returns online

With DHL Returns Online, you no longer need to put a returns label in with your shipments. If the product needs to be returned, your customers can simply print the label out themselves via the Internet.

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As part of the GoGreen climate protection programme, we calculate the CO2 emissions generated by transport using a method based on the "GHG Protocol for Products" standard. In accordance with the specifications of the Kyoto Protocol, these emissions are offset by climate protection projects. With DHL, you can relax knowing that not only will your shipment reach its destination quickly and securely, but with climate-neutral shipping, you're also making a contribution towards climate protection.

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Pick-up order

The individual pick-up service is arranged automatically, free of charge, when you conclude a business customer agreement. As a business customer, you can place your request for individual parcel pick-ups conveniently online, by telephone or by remote data transfer.

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Proof of delivery

Upon delivery, the recipient acknowledges receipt of your shipment. The recipient's signature counts as confirmation of receipt. The proof of delivery slip provides information about the time of delivery, the shipment number, the recipient's name and the recipient's signature.

The delivery information with the original signature is securely archived. It can be made available to you upon request.

This service is available for

DHL Paket

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Packaging and shipping

To help you prepare your shipments as effectively as possible, we’re put together a few tips and tricks. From advice on packaging material and shipping logistics software to general shipping hints, we can offer you a wealth of support for professional shipment handling.

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DHL Reception Services

With DHL Reception Services, we offer your customers the most convenient parcel reception service of all time. At home, at the Packstation or in branch.

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With DHL Shipping software, sending parcels is easy and convenient

Intraship: DHL Intraship is a web-based eSolution for decentralized shipment. DHL Intraship allows you to prepare and keep a check on numerous shipments at the same time. All staff have access to the same data and can submit shipment orders from different workstations.

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Easylog: The Easylog shipping software is DHL's most popular shipping logistics system for customers who send 20,000 shipments or more per year. The modern desktop software can be used as a standalone or network installation and offers semi-automatic or fully automatic shipment handling.

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Billing options production-based billing

Production-based billing simplifies the invoicing process for your parcel shipments with DHL Paket and for DHL Retoure. You always maintain an overview of what's happening, even when you receive large volumes of returns. Your shipment data is provided to you in the form of individual proofs of delivery; this data also form the basis for invoicing.

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Exchange process

With the DHL Exchange process you provide your customer with a convenient exchange of goods services and save time time by returning the goods directly.

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