GoGreen - environmentally friendly shipping

Together, we can do something to fight global climate change and leave a healthy environment behind for future generations.

Illustration GoGreen

As part of the GoGreen climate protection programme, we calculate the emissions generated by transport using a method based on the „GHG Protocol for Products“ standard. In accordance with the specifications of the Kyoto Protocol, these emissions are offset by climate protection projects.

The entire process - from the CO2 calculation for your shipments and the deployment of funds in individual, global CO2-offsetting projects to the delivery of your certificate - is handled by DHL.

This is available with the following national and international shipping options, which may be combined with the GoGreen service:

With DHL, you can relax knowing that not only will your shipment reach its destination quickly and securely, but with climate-neutral shipping, you're also making a contribution towards climate protection.

Many of our business customers are already actively helping the environment by using GoGreen. Find out more.