Shipment tracking

With shipment tracking, you can keep a constant eye on your delivery and view its status at any time.

  • Simply enter the shipment number on your Paket or Express shipment in the entry box and then click "Search now".
  • You can also search for multiple shipments by separating the shipment numbers in the entry box with a comma, semi-colon or a new line.

To search by reference number (only possible if the sender has provided you with this electronically), click on "Extended Search".

On the right-hand side, you will find access to the shipment tracking systems for other types of shipment (letter, freight, etc.) for private and business customers.

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What is a shipment number?

Where will I find my shipment number?

For Paket shipments, the shipment number is either a twelve-digit numerical code or a 16-digit alphanumeric code. The following examples show how you can find your shipment number.

Shipping information outlet

Packstation proof of posting

Shipment numbers for Express shipments have a different format, depending on the product. The following examples show how you can find your shipment number.

National waybill (Frachtbrief)

International waybill (Frachtbrief)

Valuepack waybill (Frachtbrief)

Since Paket and Express shipments can be franked using the online franking service, the format of the shipment numbers that you find on the online franking deposit receipts may vary. Please look at the relevant graphic to see where you will find your shipment number:

Shipping information for DHL Paket Germany + EU

Shipping information for DHL Paket World

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