DHL Maxitransport

Whether you're sending a sofa, refrigerator or tyres - make light work of it and send large and bulky objects anywhere in Germany with DHL Maxitransport.

The benefits for you

  • Pick-up and transport from door to door and even from room to room*
  • Fixed price offers
  • Includes Transport insurance up to EUR 1,250.00

Illustration size and weight DHL MaxitransportIllustration size and weight DHL Maxitransport

* Two people must be able to carry the item. Max. volume per item is 4 m³, max. volume per order is 7 m³ 
1 Price includes VAT.

Calculate the exact price of the DHL Maxitransport service with DHL online franking. You just need to know the dimensions and weight of the item.

Item at fixed price
4 tyres with/ without rims4
EUR 49.90
Bicycle5 EUR 49.90
Moped up to 50 ccm EUR 159.90
Motorbike over 50 ccm EUR 179.90
Electric cooker with maximum oven volume of 65 litres 6
EUR 84.90
Dishwasher 6
EUR 74.90
Fridge /freezer with maximum volume of 200 litres (max. dim.: 135 x 60 x 65 cm) 6 EUR 84.90
Tumble-drier 6 EUR 84.90
Washing machine 6 EUR 99.90

3 VAT included. For pick-up in or delivery service to Sylt, a EUR 30.00 surcharge will be added to the listed price.
4 For tyres larger than 19”, the price depends on the chargeable volume. SUV, lorry or tractor tyres are excluded.
5 For tandem bicycles, motorised bicycles and other voluminous/ heavy special equipment, the price is calculated according to the chargeable volume.
6 The price is only valid for domestic appliances and not for industrial appliances; assembly and disassembly are not included.


Transportation insurance

If wished, we can offer you an enhanced insurance sum of up to EUR 25,000 in addition to the basic insurance sum.

Transport insurance up to
EUR 2,500
EUR 15.00
EUR 5,000
EUR 30.00
EUR 10,000
EUR 60.00
EUR 25,000
EUR 150.00

* Prices are VAT-free in accordance with VAT legislation.

Shall we package your object by pickup?

When you book our packing service, your object will be packaged upon pickup by the haulier using furniture blankets, shrink wrapping and bubble wrap. Cardboard boxes or shipment-specific packaging material is not available to haulage companies. The price is calculated based on the overall volume:

Freight volume up to Packing prices (incl. VAT)
0.10 m3 EUR 9.90
0.20 m3 EUR 9.90
0.30 m3 EUR 9.90
0.40 m3 EUR 10.55
0.50 m3 EUR 11.20
0.60 m3 EUR 11.85
0.70 m3 EUR 12.50
0.80 m3 EUR 13.15
0.90 m3 EUR 13.80
1.00 m3 EUR 14.45
per each additional 0.10 m3 + EUR 0.65


Fixed-price items Package prices (incl. VAT)
4 tires with / without rims up to 19 inches EUR 9.90
Bicycle EUR 9.90
Moped up to 50 cc EUR 13.80
Moped / motorcycle over 50 cc EUR 15.10
Electric stove/ oven volume up to 65 l EUR 10.55
Dishwasher EUR 9.90
Fridge / freezer up to 200 l (max. 130 x 60 x 65 cm) EUR 10.55
Dryer EUR 10.55
Washing machine EUR 11.20

If you wish to package your sensitive Maxitransport items yourself, please note our packaging tips.

Here's how to do it

  1. Make your request via DHL Online franking
    and pay online via POSTPAY (after registration you can pay via paypal, credit card, debit, electronic remittance or giropay).

  2. Your object will be picked up by the courier company
    on your preferred pick-up day following prior agreement of the pick-up window. The postage/ waybills will be brought along for the pick-up.

  3. Delivery to the recipient following prior agreement
    of the delivery window. The usual lead time from pick-up to delivery is up to 2 weeks.

Loading aid

Items are usually handed over without a loading aid. However, if you do hand over the item together with a loading aid, the dimensions of the loading aid will be included in the calculation of the chargeable volume. DHL accepts no liability for such loading aids and will not keep a record of such equipment or return it.


If there is a full working day between the cancellation and the preferred pick-up day (Mon - Fri), no charge will be levied for cancellation. If there is not a full working day between the cancellation and the preferred pick-up day (Mon - Fri), a cancellation fee will be levied. The cancellation fee is EUR 39.90.

Cancellations are not permitted after an object has been picked up.

Additional pick-up attempt

If nobody can be located at the time of the agreed pick-up, our couriers will contact you again to agree a second pick-up appointment. This second pick-up appointment is free. Should there be no one at the address when our courier returns for the second pick-up appointment, the order will be cancelled and a charge incurred. A cancellation cost of EUR 39.90 will be retained from the delivery fee already paid.

Additional delivery attempt

If nobody can be located at the time of the agreed delivery, our couriers will contact you again to agree a second delivery appointment. This second delivery attempt is free. Should there be no one at the address when our courier returns for the second pick-up appointment, we will request instructions from the customer as to how the shipment is to be handled. A new, paid-for DHL MAXITRANSPORT shipment must be ordered if the package is to be delivered to the same recipient again, to a different recipient, or in cases where it is returned to the customer.

Outsized volumes

If the actual freight volume is greater than the dimensions or weight specified on the request for DHL MAXITRANSPORT, the difference (calculated from the actual freight volume and the specified volume) plus a processing fee of up to EUR 45.00 will be charged to the customer. The actual fee charged is derived from the table below.

The dimensions and weight specified on the request are less than the actual freight volume by Price volume supplement1
0,1 m3 EUR 15.00
0,2 m3 EUR 30.00
0,3 m3 EUR 45.00
0,4 m3 EUR 55.00
0,5 m3 EUR 70.00
0,6 m3 EUR 85.00
0,7 m3 EUR 100.00
0,8 m3 EUR 115.00
per each additional 0,1 m3
+ EUR 10.00

1 Price includes VAT.

Permissible objects

You can request DHL MAXITRANSPORT for all objects that: 

  1. Can be carried by 2 people (a suitable and working lift must be available for pick-ups/ deliveries to the fifth floor or higher);  
  2. Weigh up to 100 kg (this weight restriction does not apply to rolling objects, such as motorbikes, which do not need to be physically carried for pick-up and delivery);  
  3. Have a maximum volume of 4 m3 and do not exceed the following dimensions: length 600 cm, width 230 cm, height 200 cm;  
  4. Are not classified under the banned objects listed below:  
  • Goods that are essentially excluded from transport: These include items        
    1. that, due to their nature or packaging, may represent a danger to people, other objects being transported or other property;        
    2. whose nature, exterior shape or carriage infringes any legal or authority-imposed restriction;        
    3. whose transport requires special safety precautions or approval by an official body (hazardous goods pursuant to the German Directive on the Transport of Goods by Road or Rail (GGVSE).   
    • Objects with a value of over EUR 25,000   
    • Forms of payment, documents of monetary value or negotiable securities (e.g. cash, credit cards, cheques, savings books, bill of exchange, securities)   
    • One-off items and antiques, if these cannot be replaced with similar objects   
    • Precious stones, precious metals, stamps or coins   
    • Motorised equipment if fuel and/ or oil has not been drained   
    • Cars   
    • Pianos, grand pianos   
    • Living animals and plants, animal carcasses, body parts or human remains   
    • Anaesthetics and drugs, weapons and explosives, firearms as described in §1 of the German Weapons Act  
    • Perishable goods, deep-frozen goods, shipments cooled with dry ice.


General Terms and Conditions (GT&C)

DHL MAXITRANSPORT is a product of Deutsche Post AG. The DHL Maxitransport Terms & Conditions apply.