DHL Paket

Use the DHL Paket to send your shipment quickly, flexibly and inexpensively - and securely too, with insurance and shipment tracking

The benefits for you  

  • Shipping within Germany from just EUR 4.99
  • Delivery usually on the next working day
  • Includes shipment tracking
  • Includes liability of up to EUR 500 in the event of loss or damage
  • Includes carbon-neutral shipping

DHL Paket, size min. 15 x 11 x 1 cm, max. 120 x 60 x 60 cm, weight up to 31,5 kg, from 4.99 EURDHL Paket, size min. 15 x 11 x 1 cm, max. 120 x 60 x 60 cm, weight up to 31,5 kg, from 4.99 EUR
Outlet price*
Online price*
up to 2 kg³ -
EUR 4.99
up to 5 kg1 EUR 6.99 EUR 5.99
up to 10 kg1
EUR 8.49
EUR 7.49
up to 31.5 kg
EUR 14.992
EUR 13.992

* All prices are final prices and VAT-free in accordance with VAT legislation unless otherwise indicated in the individual prices quoted.
1 Max. combined length and girth (L + 2xW + 2xH) for DHL Paket items up to 10 kg: 300 cm.
2 Price includes VAT.
3 max. 60 x 30 x 15 cm.


Is your shipment heavier, larger, neither rectangular nor roll-shaped or without a stable cardboard packaging?

With the Bulky Goods option, you can also send shipments weighing up to 31.5 kg and measuring 200 cm in length and with a combined length and girth of 360 cm that

  • are rectangular and measure more than 120 x 60 x 60 cm;
  • are roll-shaped and heavier than 5 kg;
  • are neither rectangular nor roll-shaped;
  • have protruding parts or
  • have no stable packaging of cardboard or paper.
Maximum dimensions for bulky goods Price in EUR
Rectangular: max. length 200 cm,
max. combined length and girth
(= length 2x width + 2x height) 360 cm


+22.50 (in addition to parcel price)*

Roll shape: max. 200 cm,
max. diameter 60 cm, length +
measured circumference up to 360 cm

* For parcels exceeding 10 kg or a combined length and girth of 300 cm, the bulky goods service is subject to VAT: EUR 26.78 (including VAT).

Separate terms and conditions of delivery apply to bulky goods.
Luggage is only classed as bulky goods if it exceeds the maximum dimensions of 120 x 60 x 60 cm. The packaging shape and material are irrelevant.
Within a package size of 120 x 60 x 60 cm and a maximum package weight of 31.5 kg, luggage being sent anywhere in Germany should be franked with the DHL Paketmarke for goods up to 31.5 kg.


If you wish to send a shipment in roll format, you will require a roll stamp.

min. length 15 cm, Ø 5 cm
max. length 90 cm, Ø 15 cm
Up to 5 kg
+ EUR 1.50
(in addition to the parcel price)

If your shipment exceeds the maximum weight or dimensions, you can also use the "Roll" service with DHL Paket.

Cash on delivery - Secure payment for delivery

The cash on delivery service enables you to ensure that the recipient only receives the DHL Paket after payment of the cash on delivery amount. This means that you, as a sender, can be sure that you will receive your money.

Online price
Cash on delivery
forwarding fee
+ 4,90 EUR 1
+ 2,00 EUR 2

1 Price includes VAT; in addition to the parcel price.
2 Forwarding fee is VAT-free; will be charged by the delivery agent in addition to the COD amount.

The cash on delivery service is not available in combination with postage not paid.

Postage not paid

Do you require the recipient to pay the costs of delivery?

With the postage not paid service, you can send your parcel without paying for the postage and the costs are paid for by the recipient. The recipient pays the delivery costs (the price of the postage not paid service) upon receipt of the shipment. If the recipient refuses payment (and therefore acceptance of the parcel), the parcel will be returned to you and you will be obliged to pay the delivery costs.

The postage not paid service can be combined with the bulky goods service, in which case the delivery costs amount to EUR 38.80. This service cannot be combined with any other services.2

Postage not paid
EUR 15.00 (includes parcel price, flat rate up to 31.5 kg)1

1 Price includes VAT.
2 Postage not paid roll-shaped shipments (up to 120 cm long, 15 cm diameter and 5 kg in weight) can be sent without a roll-shaped parcel supplement for a flat-rate price of EUR 15.

Advice of delivery

Do you require written confirmation of receipt?

By attaching a prepared advice of delivery to your parcel you can ensure that the recipient confirms receipt of the item with their signature. The signed advice of delivery will be sent back to you as confirmation of receipt. The required advice of delivery form is available from your nearest outlet.

The advice of delivery service is not available in combination with postage not paid.

Advice of delivery
+ EUR 1.80 (in addition to the parcel price)1

1 For parcels exceeding 10 kg or a combined length and girth of 300 cm, the Advice of delivery service is subject to VAT: EUR 2.14 (including VAT).

Transport insurance

We will be responsible for loss of or damage to your DHL PAKET items during delivery anywhere in Germany up to a value of EUR 500 (only upon presentation of the acknowledged deposit receipt). For particularly valuable shipments we also offer transport insurance of up to EUR 2,500 or EUR 25,000. The outer packaging must not give any indication of the value of the shipment.

Please also refer to the information provided about permissible values.

Sum insured
Up to EUR 2,500
+ EUR 3.50 (in addition to the parcel price)
Up to EUR 25,000
+ EUR 15.00 (in addition to the parcel price)

For the handling of claims, the deposit receipt and appropriate documents containing information about the content of the shipment and its value must be filed (e.g. invoices or receipts). In addition, section 7 of the GT&C Paket National and the brochure Transportversicherung* (Transport insurance) apply.

* Unfortunately this file is only available in German.

Arrange pick-up

You can arrange to have your DHL Paket picked up when you frank it with Online Franking.

Is your parcel already sufficiently franked? Then you can arrange pick-up right away.


If your are moving or going on vacation we will take care of your parcels.
You can obtain redirection for your national parcel. 
Additional to the redirection tax the price for every redirected parcel has to be paid as follows:

Service Redirection
EUR 6.99 1 (additonal fee for service redirection)

1 Price includes VAT.

Read more for detailed information

Possible combinations of services

Standard services

  Advice of delivery
Transport insurance
Cash on delivery2
Postage not paid
Bulky goods
Advice of delivery


Transport insurance


Cash on delivery2

Postage not paid

Bulky goods

Roll x


Three or more services may only be combined if all services can be combined with each other.

1 Postage not paid roll-shaped shipments (up to 120 cm long, 15 cm diameter and 5 kg in weight) can be sent without a roll-shaped parcel supplement for a flat-rate, postage not paid price.

2 Cash on delivery service is only available on


Do you frequently send Pakete abroad? Our money-saving offers


You can exchange accidentally spoiled Paketmarke stamps by sending them to the following address:

DHL Paketmarken Service Team
Marienberger Strasse 230
38999 Braunschweig, Germany

We regret that no cash equivalent of the stamp value is available.

Environmentally friendly shipping

Pluspäckchen GoGreen is the environmentally friendly way to ship. Just add this service with Online Franking.


DHL Packstation

Do you want to use the facility that's always open to receive your parcels and send your returns? All of the information about DHL Packstation and other recipient services can be found here.

Notes on our packaging solutions

With handy DHL shipping boxes, you can always find the right packaging for your parcels. DHL offers you a choice between high-quality Packsets and cheaper basic cardboard boxes.

DHL Packsets

  • DIN-tested quality
  • Five different sizes
  • Various colourful motifs for sending, giving and storing

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