At a Glance


Argentina spans 1.1 million square miles (2.8 million square kilometers) and is home to 41 million people. Services employ 54.7% of the workforce, followed by industry and commerce (35.8%) and agriculture (9.5%). The country's competitive advantages include a wealth of natural resources, including lead, zinc, tin, copper, iron, manganese, oil, and uranium; a highly educated population; and a diversified industrial base. Each of these contributes to the overall attractiveness of Argentina as a strong market for international trade.

Financial Facts

  • Estimated GDP (2010) of US$351 billion or US$14,700 per capita
  • Estimated Real Growth Rate (2010) of 7.5%
  • Industry, which accounts for 32% of GDP, is focused on the food processing, oil refining, machinery and equipment, textiles, chemicals and petrochemicals sectors