At a Glance


A long, narrow stretch of land that runs along South America's Pacific coast from Tierra del Fuego to the Atacama desert, Chile spans 302,778 square miles (756,945 square kilometers) that are home to 17 million people, including a workforce of 6.94 million. Major employment sectors include community, social and individual services (26%); commerce (17.6%); industry (14.4%); agriculture, forestry and fishing (13.9%); transportation and communication (8.0%); financial services (7.5%); and construction (7.1%).

Financial Facts

  • Chile's estimated 2010 GDP (known in Spanish as PIB, or Producto Interno Bruto) is US$192.5 billion, or US$14,341 per capita
  • A growth rate of 5.2% over 2009
  • Major components of GDP include mining (15%), financial services (15%) manufacturing (12%), and commerce (9%) and construction (8%)