At a Glance


Ecuador's 276,840 square kilometers encompass a terrain that ranges from Andean peaks to dense jungles to the volcanic islands of the Galapagos, 600 miles west of the Pacific coast. This land is home to 14,573,101 people; a majority are of mestizo heritage, but the population also includes people of Caucasian, indigenous and African ancestry. Spanish is the official language but may be the second language of indigenous groups such as the Quechua.

Financial Facts

  • Ecuador's 2010 GDP (known in Spanish as PIB, or Producto Interno Bruto) is estimated at US$56.5 billion
  • A real growth rate of 3.7% over 2009
  • Oil and mining contributed 26.8% of GDP in 2007; other major components of GDP include commercial trade (11.7%), construction (9.8%), and industry (9.2%). Since 2000, the country's currency has been the U.S. dollar