At a Glance


Guatemala spans 42,042 square miles (108,890 square kilometers) of land that is home to 14.36 million people. Its workforce is employed chiefly in services (42%) and industry/commerce (37%). Although agriculture accounts for employment of only 14% of the population, the U.S. Department of State notes that 50% of Guatemalans "engage in some form of agriculture, often at the subsistence level outside the monetized economy." Construction, mining and utilities represent 7% of the workforce. Spanish is the country's official language, but 24 indigenous languages have survived into modern times and remain in use.

Financial Facts

  • Guatemala's estimated 2010 GDP (known in Spanish as PIB, or Producto Interno Bruto) is estimated at US$40.77 billion, or US$5,200 per capita
  • Which represented an estimated real growth rate of 2.2% over 2009
  • Manufacturing and agriculture generate 18.3% and 13.4%, respectively, of GDP