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According to the U.S. Department of State, India is continuing to move forward with market-oriented economic reforms that began in 1991. Recent reforms include liberalized foreign investment and exchange regimes, industrial decontrol, significant reductions in tariffs and other trade barriers, reform and modernization of the financial sector, significant adjustments in government monetary and fiscal policies and safeguarding intellectual property rights. The resources in this section will help you to assess your company's potential in this enormous market.

Product exports led by engineering goods, petroleum products, precious stones, cotton apparel and fabrics, gems and jewelry, handicrafts, and tea. Services exports represent more than one third of India's total exports. Major imports include petroleum, machinery and transport equipment, electronic goods, edible oils, fertilizers, chemicals, gold, textiles, iron and steel. India's major trading partners are the US, China, UAE, EU, Russia, and Japan.

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