At a Glance


At 1.27 million square miles (3.29 million square kilometers), India is roughly a third of the size of the United States but is home to one sixth of the world's population, 1.17 billion people. Marked by an unusually high level of diversity, the country has 18 official languages, among which Hindi and English predominate, and more than 2,000 ethnic groups. Its workforce of 467 million people is concentrated in agriculture (52%), services and government (34%) and industry and commerce (14%). It has the world's twelfth-largest economy and the third-largest in Asia.

India is capitalizing on its large numbers of well-educated people skilled in the English language and its middle class its middle class is projected to grow tenfold by 2025. India continues to move forward, albeit haltingly, with market-oriented economic reforms that began in 1991. Reforms include increasingly liberal foreign investment and exchange regimes, industrial decontrol, reductions in tariffs and other trade barriers, opening and modernization of the financial sector, significant adjustments in government monetary and fiscal policies, and more safeguards for intellectual property rights, the State Department reports.

Financial Facts

  • India's GDP in 2010 was Rs. 53133.5 Billion
  • A growth rate of 9.1% over 2009
  • Services and account for 10.1% of GDP
  • Industry (7.9%) and agriculture (6.6%)