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Mexican Customs regulations require that anyone engaged in commercial export or import must contract a Customs broker to perform Customs transactions. You will probably find it easier to complete all procedures in this manner, since Mexico's Customs procedures can be complicated. For example, documentation requirements and other regulations related to imports and exports vary by industry in Mexico. The only pieces of documentation required for all shipments are a bill of lading and a commercial invoice. Your broker will be able to instruct you as to the additional requirements your particular shipment must meet and will tell you what paperwork you need to complete.

DHL recommends that you do not seek a Customs broker on your own. Our personal advisors can review your shipping needs with you and put you in contact with a reputable broker who knows your industry and can provide the experience and services your particular business needs. With our extensive network of reliable and trustworthy brokers, we are able to find the broker best suited to your company’s export needs, and we are pleased to provide this service to our customers.

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