At a Glance


With an area of 16,485 square miles (41,526 square kilometers) and a population of 16.4 million, the Netherlands is a small but formidable economic powerhouse. The country's civilian workforce is 8.4 million strong-more than half the total population-and is concentrated in services (77.3%), industry (19.6%), manufacturing (13.2%) and agriculture (3.1%)

Financial Facts

  • Estimated GDP (2007) of US$792 billion or US$45,600 per capita
  • GDP grew 3.5% from 2006-2007
  • Services account for 74% of GDP encompassing such areas as hotels, restaurants, transport, storage and communication, financial (banking and insurance) and business services and care
  • Industry generates 24% of GDP, which includes agro-industries, steel and aluminum, metal and engineering products, electric machinery and equipment, bulk chemicals, natural gas, petroleum products, transport equipment and microelectronics
  • Agriculture generates 2% of GDP