At a Glance


Panama covers an area of 30,193 square miles (78,200 square kilometers). The country has a population of 3.3 million people and a workforce of 1.4 million, which means roughly 43% of the country's entire population is in the workforce. Despite that fact, the country has an unemployment rate of 7%, and 26% of Panamanians live below the poverty line.

While Spanish is the official language, 14% of Panamanians are native English speakers, according to the U.S. Department of State, which reports, "Many Panamanians have a working knowledge of English and many professional college-educated Panamanians in Panama City are bilingual."

Financial Facts

  • Panama's estimated 2010 GDP was $27.2 billion, or $12,700 per capita
  • An estimated real growth rate of 7.5% over 2009
  • Services generate 67% of the GDP through such sources as finance, insurance, health and medical, transportation, telecommunications, the Canal and maritime services, tourism, the Colon Free Zone, public administration, and general commerce