At a Glance


Sweden spans 173,731 square miles (449,964 square kilometers). Its population of 9.09 million people (2011 estimate) includes a workforce of 4.93 million (2010 estimate) occupied primarily in services (70.7%, 2008 estimate), followed by industry (28.2%) and agriculture (1.1%). Strong commodity exports played a major role in driving the country's economic rebound in 2010.

Financial Facts

  • Estimated GDP (2010) of US$354.7 billion or US$39,100 per capita
  • GDP grew 5.5% from 2009-2010
  • Services account for 72.2% of GDP
  • Industry generates 26% of GDP. Sweden’s major industries include iron and steel, precision equipment (bearings, radio and telephone parts, armaments), wood pulp and paper products, processed foods, and motor vehicles.
  • Agriculture generates 1.7% of GDP