At a Glance


Taiwan's 13,973 square miles (36,189 square kilometers) are home to 23 million people. This figure includes more than 18 million "native" Taiwanese, whose ancestors migrated to the island in the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as "mainlanders" who moved from mainland China to Taiwan after 1945. The population also includes nearly a half-million people believed to be of Malayo-Polynesian origin.

Financial Facts

  • Taiwan's estimated 2010 GDP is US$823.6 billion, or US$36,500 per capita
  • A growth rate of 10.5% over 2009
  • Services account for 68.6% of GDP, and another 29.8% is generated by industry, including electronics and flat panel products, chemicals and petrochemicals, basic metals, machinery, textiles, transport equipment, plastics and machinery
  • Agriculture generates only 1.6% of GDP