At a Glance


Turkey's 301,383.62 square miles (780,580 square kilometers) stretch from a European isthmus bordered by the Aegean and Black Seas to Asian territory that crosses the northern edge of the Middle East and moves east to borders with Georgia, Armenia, Iran and Iraq. Its population of 78.8 million (2011 estimate) includes a workforce of 24.73 million, with 45.8% employed in services, 29.5% in agriculture, and 24.7% in industry (2005 estimates).

Financial Facts

  • Estimated GDP (2010) of US$960.5 billion or US$12,300 per capita
  • GDP grew 8.2% from 2009-2010
  • Services account for 65.5% of GDP
  • Industry generates 25.7% of GDP, and industrial production rose 6% in 2010. Turkey’s major industries include textiles, food processing, autos, electronics, mining (coal, chromate, copper, and boron), steel, petroleum, construction, lumber, and paper.
  • Agriculture generates 8.8% of GDP