Security for your shipment

On behalf of our customers, we work every day to ensure that their shipments are securely transported to their destinations.

Information about preventing the misuse of DHL customer numbers

DHL Express would in future like to offer you greater protection against misuse of your DHL Express customer numbers by unauthorised senders. To this end, DHL Express Germany has implemented a new, globally-defined rule. The process involves a series of security rules for picking up your DHL Express shipments at home and abroad.
We therefore ask you to note the following rules when sending parcels with DHL Express:

Pick-up by DHL Import Services abroad
For DHL Import Services shipments, your 96x or 95x customer number will in future only enable you to order a pick-up if one of the following criteria is satisfied:

  1. The sender is a contract customer of DHL Express in the country of pick-up
  2. The sender can unequivocally name your company name and the country in which your company is based
  3. The sender can prove via a routing order that he has been authorised by you to send shipments using your customer number to the desired recipient address
  4. The DHL Express customer services team has been able to authorise transport within 2 days with you via a research order
  5. You commissioned shipping and pick-up via the DHL IMPORT EXPRESS ONLINE e-solution or in person via DHL Express customer services.

Re 2.: In this case, it must in particular be noted that, in the case of third party (e.g. sending from France to Germany, where the recipient is a different contract partner in Germany) or third country (e.g. third-country sending from France to England, with the customer in Germany paying) shipments, the sender must be aware of the required data relating to the DHL Import Express contract partner. Points 1, 3, 4 and 5 apply in the same way.

Re 3.: The routing order is a document that authorises shipment to a specific recipient. The routing order must either be made out by the holder of the customer number or a member of the DHL sales team and be shown on request to the customer services team in the country of pick-up via fax or to the collecting courier.

No pick-up in public places
Any pick-up in public places, such as meeting points at airports, car parks, restaurants, petrol stations or outside company premises, will in future no longer be permitted. Trade fair and congress event venues and hotels are not affected by this rule.

Please especially inform any of your senders abroad who may wish to use third party / third country Import Services of these rules. You find the routing orders for your Import Services senders here.

As a regulated agent, we are officially recognised by the German Federal Air Transport Authority and as such are permitted to transport international DHL Express shipments in accordance with the German Air Security Act. We operate with the strictest security standards in this sector. This allows us to quickly and smoothly implement all intended measures in our international processes.
A team of experienced experts is responsible for ensuring that all specified standards and statutory requirements are satisfied. On behalf of our customers, we work every day to ensure that their shipments are securely transported to their destinations.
If you have any questions relating to air security at DHL Express Germany GmbH, please contact our Security Team:
DHL Express Germany GmbH
Air Security Office
Tel: + 49 (0) 221 / 1779 - 410
Fax: + 49 (0) 221 / 1779 - 409


Due to the increasing globalisation and a changed international security situation, the World Customs Organisation (WCO) has put in place global terms and standards for the effective and up-to-date risk management within customs organisations. The European Union has thus introduced the AEO certificate (Authorised Economic Operator). Companies headquartered in the European Union can request the certification since the beginning of 2008.

DHL Express Germany GmbH has been certified as an "authorised economic operator", and has satisfied the strictest demands to date of the World Customs Organisation. Its exact status is AEO-F (full). This status combines the simplification under customs law of status AEO-C (customs) and the security-related conditions of status AEO-S (safety).

The "Authorised economic operator" status identifies a company as being particularly reliable and trustworthy in relation to merchandise management, and affords it certain advantages. This allows customs formalities to be handled more efficiently. The status entitles a company to certain advantages during security controls at customs and simplifies the customs procedure.

The objective of this security initiative is to increase business transparency in the globalised world and in the supply chain, in order to increase security. In the meantime, the AEO certification has become an important sign of quality and security, in that it identifies a company as a reliable and trustworthy partner in the international world of merchandise management.

To obtain this certification, companies must first satisfy strict demands, including compliance with legal and security regulations, reliability and solvency.

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