Paperless invoice processing with DHL e-Billing

Save time and improve your efficiency - access your bills online using our e-Billing service.

What is DHL e-Billing?

Now with the internet, there is an alternative to mail and fax for your billing processes. DHL e-Billing offers you a precise, fast and efficient service for your accounts payable department. There are many benefits for your business relationship with DHL Express and other companies when you manage your finance documents over the internet.

The e-Billing service from DHL Express is very user-friendly and requires absolutely no training. You can access e-bills with this system, search the archives for bills and import billing information directly into your accounting program.

Take a look! Our e-Billing demo video gives you a quick overview.

Free registration for DHL e-Billing:

Self-registration for DHL e-Billing

The benefits of e-Billing:


  • Digital signature: Thanks to a digital signature all e-bills meet current tax requirements.
  • Paperless transactions: After an e-bill is created, you receive an e-mail with the bill attached as a PDF. The E-mail also contains a link to the e-Billing website where you can view your bill and download it.
  • A variety of formats: E-bills can be downloaded in different formats, including CSV (for importing into a table calculation program like Excel), PDF (ideal for printing or sending as an attachment) and XML. If this option is activated, you no longer have to manually enter the billing data in your accounting system. You save time and avoid sources of error.
  • Online archive: Your e-bills can be accessed online for 12 months. You can find bills within seconds and avoid wasting time with elaborate searching in filing cabinets and copying of documents.
  • Online billing inquiries: Billing inquiries can be entered and sent online.
  • Direct link to the waybill: Click on the waybill number on the invoice and the waybill will be displayed. If an image is not available, your request will be sent to DHL Express customer service.

If you have any questions, contact DHL Express Customer Service

How do I get started with e-Billing?

Log-in for registered users.


Click here to register as a new user. Your registration request will be processed once you have provided us with some information.

User name/password

After the registration and confirmation, you will be given a user name and a password. Then, you can log in to our e-Billing customer portal.


You can log in to our customer portal at any time and from any PC with a browser such as Internet Explorer. You can view your bills, search through bills archived online and upload billing data securely into your accounting system.

How to view your bills.

  • Click on the e-Billing link in your e-mail. This will take you directly to the DHL Express e-Billing website. You can also open bills that are attached to an e-mail as PDFs.
  • Import the files by clicking on the download button.

Is e-Billing secure?

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Do I need to install special software in order to be able to receive these invoices?

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What is EIPP?

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