Prepare your Commercial Invoice

All dutiable shipments sent through DHL need to be accompanied by an invoice. A commercial invoice will be issued if the goods have a trade value.

To help you complete your Commercial Invoice, we have created some useful tips:

Company Letterhead
Use your official company letterhead.

Sender's Name and Address
Print your (or your company's) full name and address, including post code and telephone, fax or telex number, and VAT number.

Receiver's Address
Complete full details for the recipient of the shipment. Please ensure that you enter the full delivery address and telephone, fax or telex numbers.

Waybill (AWB) Number
Print the waybill number for this shipment.

Details of the Shipment
Enter the number of pieces, the gross weight and the net weight for this shipment.

Enter DHL as the carrier.

Full Description of the Goods
Enter a full description for each item in this shipment.

Customs Commodity Code
Enter the customs commodity code for each item. Note that the first six digits of the code are global standard; the remaining numbers are country specific.

Country of Origin
Enter the country of origin for each item.

Enter the quantity for each item.

Unit Value and Currency
State the value (and currency) of each item.

Sub Total and Currency
Enter the sub total (and currency) of each item.

Total Value and Currency
Enter the total value (and currency) of the shipment.

Reason for Export
Enter the reason for your export.

Complete the declaration with your name, the date and your signature.

Invoice Type
State whether this is a Proforma or Commercial invoice.