Shipping advice

Need information? The useful shipping tips will help you with any questions you have about shipping with DHL Express. You can also find out about regulations and surcharges.


In order to maintain a consistently high level of service, DHL Express levies under given conditions a surcharge for exceptional activities.

Information about DHL waybill

Use our quick guide to properly complete a DHL airwaybill to ensure timely, accurate and secure express delivery.

More about Airwaybills

Packaging of Shipments

Tips for preparing and packing your express shipments.

Shipping Dangerous Goods

DHL Express has significant experience in carrying approved Dangerous Goods.  Learn more about conditions and regulations to ensure your shipments are fully compliant.

More about Dangerous Goods

Calculation of volumetric weight

A shipment will be charged according to its volumetric weight, as soon as the dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight.