Waybill Guide

A waybill must be completed for every express shipment you send with DHL - it helps to ensure timely, accurate and secure delivery. The information on this document helps us deliver your shipment to the right destination, safely and on time. Learn how to complete it here.

Why do I need a waybill?

  • With the air waybill, DHL receives binding information about the destination for your shipment, the services you require and the form of payment.
  • The air waybill contains the terms and conditions to which our service is subject (General terms and conditions). Please read these through because in some cases we only provide limited liability if any.
  • It gives you proof of consignment, with a unique number you can use on our web site to track your shipment.
  • It tells customs what's in your shipment, so that it gets cleared quickly and speeds through to its final destination without delay.

Get your waybill right first time!

Get your shipment on its way quickly and with ease - use our shipment preparation assistant. In just a few steps you’ll find out how your national Express shipment is delivered safely and with ease to the recipient.

Note: Unfortunately this file is only available in German.