Packaging of Shipments

During transport each Shipment is exposed to outer impacts – e.g. shocks, vibrations or pressure. To ensure a damage-free transport you should use good packaging. Please consider that products packed in the “original packaging” are not automatically suited for transport. In most cases additional padding between original packaging and shipping package is required. To allow a full protection of packaging, the external packaging, the product and the internal packaging must form a complete unit.In case of a dangerous good shipment special packaging regulations need to be maintained. For national shipping the ADR regulations apply, for international shipping further regulations of IATA-DGR need to be considered. These regulations describe in detail the requirements of packaging material, the build-up and the content of packaging.

Note: Unfortunately the first file is only available in German.

Internal Packaging

  • An appropriate internal packaging is as important as a good external packaging. Internal packaging lessens outer impacts, secures the product and provides space between the contents and external packaging.
  • It is of importance to never place shipping objects that are sensitive to pressure or breakage, immediately against the external packaging or against other contents. Fragile contents, as glass, ceramics, sculpture, electronics and similar items require particular secure packaging. Please provide at least 50 mm of space between product and packaging.
  • When packing several products, the packaging should contain separative elements to protect the content from shifting.

Consider following advice when choosing the internal packaging:

External Packaging

  • It is of importance to mind the right size (content plus cushioning) and adequate stability when choosing packaging. Especially well suited is corrugated cardboard.
  • Depending on weight, sensibility and size of good you might also be able to use stable boxes made of solid board, flexible cover made of wrapping paper and envelopes (padded or cardboard-reinforced).

Consider following advice when choosing the external packaging:

Secure sealing of shipment

  • The heavier and bigger a shipment, the stronger the packaging material should be. Therefore, please mind a good sealing of your packages. It is for transport safety as well as a proof of originality.
  • Appropriate is e.g. a self-adhesive synthetic sealing tape with a usual width of at least 50 mm. But you may also use wet-adhesive strips with applied reinforcing threads or reinforcing material.