Fuel supplement Time Definite International

The fuel supplement in November 2018 will be 19.25 %.

Calculation basis for the fuel supplement

The fuel supplement is calculated on the basis of the monthly average spot price for kerosene / aviation fuel (US Gulf Coast). The prices are specified in US dollars per American gallon.

The fuel supplement is tiered in 0.5% steps (as of January 2016 in 0,25% steps) and is set each month in accordance with the following table. The latest supplement is always calculated on the basis of the monthly average price in the last-but-one month.

What exactly does this mean for you?

  • The supplement relates only to international shipments and is levied on the net price of the shipment - i.e. only on the basic price according to weight.
  • Additional fees are not subject to supplements.
  • The supplement is indicated on your invoice and is listed separately for each affected shipment.

Fuel surcharge (USD per gallon)

Progress of the fuel supplement

US Dollar per Gallon
(data as per 2 months earlier)
November 2018 19.25 % 2.19

We reserve the right to change the reference value of the fuel supplement and supplement table without prior notification. The level and duration of the fuel supplement will be decided upon solely by DHL.

The information published here is updated regularly.

* The following types of shipment are affected: Break Bulk Express, DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE, Global Mail Business, DHL EXPRESS ENVELOPE, DHL IMPORT EXPRESS WORLDWIDE, DHL EXPRESS 9:00, DHL EXPRESS 12:00.