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DHL Express
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Service Bulletin Coronavirus

June 03, 2020

The situation in Europe is calming down step by step. Local restrictions are gradually being lifted so that express shipments can be delivered within one working day in almost all regions in Europe.

Please note, however, that public authorities as well as companies and retail/shopping centres may have changed their opening hours and your shipments may not be delivered as a result. Please ask your recipient for information about local conditions.

These are the current service restrictions in the European countries (alphabetical order):



For the import of medical equipment and personal protective equipment including masks CE certificate is mandatory. Please see here for registration.



Please note that the import of facial masks requires a letter of compliance by the manufacturer to state their production in the EU. See here for more details.



The German government has rescinded the export ban for filter masks, gloves, protective clothing and other medical protective equipment within the European Union. This also includes shipments to EFTA countries and sovereign EU territories as well as to third countries outside of Europe. For more information please see here in the Bundesanzeiger.
The import of facial masks within the EU requires a letter of compliance by the manufacturer to state their production in the EU. See here for more details.



Government has declared a curfew and limited working hours. DHL Express Services from 8 am to 3 pm and not on weekends. Therefore service delays may occur.



The import of facial masks requires a letter of compliance by the manufacturer to state their production in the EU. See here for more details.
The import of precious metals has been suspended as long as the state of emergency lasts. Shipments with precious metals will be returned to sender.
Shipments to Madeira and Azores are limited to 45 kg and 70 cm height, pallets are not accepted.
Dangerous goods and dry ice with restrictions only.



Export of medicines or materials/sanitary devices is no longer allowed due to regulations by the Ministry of Health.



Export ban for protective medical goods like masks, disinfection and gloves until September 30. Service delays due to suspended flights and alternative routing. Only medical companies are allowed to import medical masks and need to be registered by the Russian Ministry of Health. The import of samples of masks is allowed for testing and for state registration. Otherwise shipments will be returned to origin.



Please note that import service of medical products such as filter masks and gloves is only possible for licensed importers. Find the Spanish list of all products affected here.
DHL Express cannot conduct the necessary border control process for private persons or non-licensed companies. 



Saturday pick-ups have been suspended until further notice. Shippers need approval for the export of protective equipment, ethyl alcohol, cologne, disinfectants, hydrogen peroxide and meltblown fabric. In Northern service has been suspended.

Due to suspended flights and alternative routing service delays may occur in all countries of the regions where service has not been suspended.



Import service currently suspended. No deliveries possible due to lockdown restrictions on site.


Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome and Principe

Currently no service as a result of suspended flights and closed borders.



Currently no service in Kurdistan, Baghdad und Basrah due to 24 hours curfews until June 6.


South Africa

The following products are restricted from being exported until further notice, unless the exporter has received a permit through DTIC (Department of Trade, Industry and Competition) and ITAC (International Trade Administration Commission): masks, hand sanitizers, certain chemicals, vaccines as well as medicines.



Currently no pick-ups and deliveries in the city of Harare due to disturbances.

Due to suspended flights and alternative routing service delays may occur in all countries of the regions where service has not been suspended.



Export of products related to Covid-19 like masks, goggles, gloves, hospital beds and ventilators has been prohibited.



Currently no service due to suspended flights.



Service suspension due to declared lockdown.


Trinidad & Tobago

Shipments worth over 3000.00 USD must have an invoice with value and invoice number for clearance until June 30. Pro-forma invoices will not be accepted.



Service suspension due to declared state of emergency.

Due to suspended flights and alternative routing service delays may occur in all countries of the regions where service has not been suspended.



Export of personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves and hand sanitizer can only be shipped for personal use or to relatives or for humanitarian organisations or by an Australian manufacturer or a person whose business exported them and is registered for Australian Goods and Services Tax and has an Australian Business Number.



Service in the province of Hubei with capital Wuhan (WUH) has been re-established. Due to suspended flights and strict epidemic control measures service delays may occur.
Please note that for COVID-19 related medical goods including test kits, face masks, gloves, disinfectant, infrared thermometer and ventilator shippers need additional documents for export customs declaration. Self-declaration and copy of medical device registration certificate or screen shot of registration information from China FDA (Food & Drug Administration) website is needed. More information here. Moreover, medical goods have to meet national quality standards and customs will impose quality inspection. Chinese suppliers must ensure that medical goods they provide are approved by China FDA. For medical device not registered in China FDA exporter needs to check if the manufacturer is in the MOFCOM medical device white list. If in the white list, shipment can be accepted. Chinese exporter needs to provide "Export declaration of medical supplies".
There is no impact for shipments from private individual to private individual with a value limit of RMB 1000. All medical goods shipped B2B or B2C must provide the following documents in addition to standard shipping paperwork: copy of company statement for the export of medical material, registration form of medical devices manufacturing, screenshot from China FDA website for registered manufacturer/product and quality assurance tag for the product by the manufacturer. Couriers will verify contents and full paperwork at pick-up.
For non-medical face masks exporter need to check if the manufacturer is in Chinese SAMR enterprise black list. Shipments cannot be accepted if on the black list. Exporter needs to ensure manufacturer is in the MOFCOM face mask white list. The Chinese exporter and the importer need to sign a joint declaration as supporting document for the export customs declaration. The Chinese exporter can send an e-mail with shipping documents for medical goods to DHL China in a pre-check process. After successful evaluation the Chinese customer will get a QR code which courier can scan at pick-up.


East Timor

Resumed services for documents and diplomatic shipments only with 32 kg maximum weight per piece and maximum dimensions 80x80x80 cm.



Government has extended the lock down of the whole country until June 30. Guidelines for business operations are being released by state and city administration depending on the gravity of the pandemic. Currently DHL India serves over 6000 post codes for different customers who are operational as per applicable government guidelines. Global bookings for these post codes into India are possible. The services will also be available for Diplomatic Mail. Services outside these post codes stay suspended until further notice. Deliveries for customers not operating or inaccessible during lockdown might face delay and will be processed for delivery only after the lockdown.



Export of face/surgical masks has been prohibited until further notice.



Government has locked down Male City until June 29. Limited service during this time.



Government has locked down the whole country until June 14. DHL Express continues to operate partially as an essential service provider.



Government has locked down the country until June 15. Service is generally possible with the exception of some areas. Pick-ups and deliveries in these regions will take place after the lock down.


Sri Lanka

Export of masks with permission of National Medicines Regulatory Authority.



Shippers need permission from the Ministry of Economic Affairs for the export of face/surgical masks. This does not apply to paper masks.
Textile masks without filters can be exported with an affidavit letter.
More details and the affidavit letter can be found here.
Taiwan citizens may send up to 30 face/surgical masks every two months to family member abroad (relatives by blood within 2 generations). Exporter needs to register online to get the export permit number prior send out masks. More details here.



Export of medical/surgical masks must get approval from Department of Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce first and the permit needs to be provided for shipping.
Import of medical equipment such as masks, thermometer, goggles, antibacterial hand gel, diagnostic kit for 2019-Novel Coronavirus require a licence from FDA (Food & Drug Administration). Personal registration with Thai Customs Department is mandatory.
For personal use purposes, an affidavit letter to explain that the items are not for commercial use is required. Allowed are surgical/disposable masks for 6 month (180 pieces/person) and 2 thermometer.



Service is currently suspended until further notice due to suspended flights. Shipments to Turkmenistan will be returned to shipper.



An import licence is needed for importation of medicines/drugs into Vietnam regardless of the quantity or purpose. Individuals cannot import medicine for trading purposes.

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