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Sustainable, fair and stylish - the common fashion collection from DHL Express and Grubenhelden

The fashion label Grubenhelden, which tells the story of mining with stylish and fairly produced clothes, has been working closely with DHL Express since its founding in 2016. With DHL Express, the Gladbeck-based company ships its T-shirts, hoodies and the like to a continuously growing fan base around the globe. 

"Shortly before our fifth birthday, we thought it would be a good idea to take the partnership with DHL Express with a limited collection to the next level and take our shared values out into the world," says Grubenhelden founder Matthias Bohm. At first glance, the two companies could not be more different. On the one hand, the global player and market leader in the international express business. On the other, the regionally rooted fashion start-up, whose streetwear is reminiscent of the heritage and mining tradition of Germanys "rust belt", the Ruhr region. After all, there is no Grubenhelden clothing without the typical blue and white striped original fabric of traditional coal miners' shirts.

Two companies, same values

"When the Grubenhelden came to us with the idea of a common streetwear collection, we said yes straight away, because we know that we stand for the same values," says Markus Reckling, the Germany head of DHL Express.

Last summer, the simple task of making facial masks out of DHL polo shirts, already resulted in a joint statement campaign for equal opportunities, diversity and solidarity. "We at DHL Express understand diversity and equal opportunity as core values and exploit their full potential. That makes us so successful," adds Reckling. Grubenhelden is also committed to diversity and against any form of discrimination, which is reflected, for example, in their own "For all colors" fashion collection.

Markus Reckling: "We also have the same goals when it comes to sustainability. This is the basis for our current collaboration. For us, it is not the first collaboration in the fashion sector, but definitely the most sustainable." From day one, Grubenhelden has been committed to avoiding plastics, reducing waste and producing as few emissions as possible. A goal that DHL Express is also pursuing with the GoGreen environmental protection plan with great commitment, Within Mission 2050, all logistics-related emissions are to be reduced to zero. With ambitious milestones: By 2025, carbon efficiency shall increase by 50% compared to 2007 levels. At the same time, 70% of the own first and last mile services are to be made with clean pick-up and delivery solutions such as electric vehicles or alternative vehicle concepts. The new Boeing 777 aircraft fleet also pays towards this goal, reducing emissions on DHL Express' intercontinental flights by up to 18%.

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The most sustainable bundle you currently can get

The common fashion collection consists of a T-shirt and a zip-up hoodie that stylishly combines the colors of the two companies and the two pieces matches together perfectly. The collection, limited to 200 pieces each, was produced by a small family business in Portugal, with strict labor protection standards and fair payment. The transport to Gladbeck was handled by DHL Express - of course as environmentally friendly as possible.

All customers receive the pieces packaged in a stylish statement bag made of organic cotton and within a recycled shipping box. "We wanted to put together the most sustainable bundle you can actually get," emphasizes Matthias Bohm. This naturally includes climate-neutral shipping with DHL Express. All emissions generated during the transport are 100% offset for the benefit of certified climate protection projects around the world. For example, in the funding of wind energy on Aruba or a hydroelectric power project in Laos. As you see, the common fashion collection of DHL Express and Grubenhelden simply feels good in every respect.

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