DHL Retoure

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Returns made easy with DHL: DHL Retoure offers convenient solutions for returning parcels.


  • Drei Retourenlösungen für eine Retourenabwicklung ganz nach Ihrem Bedarf
  • Retoure Online für ein bequemes und modernes Retourenmanagement
  • Flexible Paketrückgabe für Ihre Kunden in einer von 28.000 Abgabestellen oder direkt beim Zusteller

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DHL offers three options for providing your customers with a return label so that you can control the return shipping of your goods in accordance with your requirements.

Your customers receive a fully prepared return label with their delivery. If they choose to send an item back, all they have to do is pack it and affix the label. As a further option, you can also have DHL Retoure picked up from you customer's address with a pick-up order.

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The customer contacts your customer service department and arranges to return the item with a pick-up order. The DHL delivery employee collects the item from your customer's address on the agreed day, bringing the prepared return label.

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With DHL Returns Online, you no longer need to put a returns label in with your shipments. If the product needs to be returned, your customers can simply print the label out themselves via the Internet.

Three ways to create a return label online:

1. DHL booking form for your customer service department
Offer your customers a convenient, personal and free way to book their return. Your customer service department starts processing the return and creates the label. Your customer receives the return label as a pdf document and can print this out directly.

2. DHL booking form for your customers
Offer your customers a 24/7 free service on your website. Your customers access the DHL international returns booking form directly via a link on your website and can create and print out their return label immediately.

3. Integrated booking form on your website (web service)
Increase the appeal of your services on your website and offer your customers the chance to book their returns 24/7. This option allows you integrate the booking form into your website. Your customers can then print out return labels directly from your website.

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Product details

* Please note: The maximum combined length and girth is 360 cm and is calculated as follows: Longest side of parcel + 2x width + 2x height. A higher charge or a surcharge will be applicable: if the dimensions exceed 120 x 60 x 60 cm; for roll-shaped items; for special packaging features.

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