New Invoicing Information

We've expanded our invoicing information to provide greater transparency and make controlling simpler. In the future, your parcels will be verified against both the shipment data you provide and the data collected by DHL.

How this benefits you

  • Greater transparency

By verifying the shipment information, we ensure transparent invoicing of otherwise unannounced shipments.

Beyond this, we provide you with electronic documentation of each individual shipment together with the invoice.

  • Simpler

There's no longer any need to retroactively cancel parcels that you scheduled but didn't actually send. Only those shipments that you actually deliver to us will be invoiced.

We'll indicate any such discrepancies on the invoice as well.

  • More flexible

You have two options for how information is presented on the invoice:

  • as a summary of all shipments, or
  • as a list of each individual shipment, including shipping number, name and address of the recipient

How it works

To benefit from this new system, we require your order data in electronic form. As long as we receive it, you don't have to do anything else. If you use paper versions of our order forms for documentation purposes, we'd be glad to advise you on how the data can also be submitted electronically.

The following provides more details on the new invoice issuance process. Have questions? Please don't hesitate to contact the accounting center at the address listed on the bottom of the invoice. 

Invoice variants

DHL Paket offers three different versions of invoices:

We'll send you your invoice on paper, by postal mail.

You can see examples of these invoices on the "Sample invoices" tab.

If you wish to process and archive your invoices electronically, then our paperless electronic invoices will make your work much easier.

You can download your invoice as a structured file and/or as a PDF with a qualified electronic signature.

We'll prepare your invoice for convenient download as a PDF file in the DHL Business Customer Portal.

When you log into the DHL Business Customer Portal, you'll have access to all DHL applications, covering all topics related to shipping with DHL Paket - from quick and easy handling of the entire parcel shipment process to viewing invoices, ordering shipping products and much more.