Lower costs for higher volumes

Enjoy the benefits of lower shipping costs when using DHL economy sets, starting at a minimum of 10 identical stamps only. Also handle larger shipping volumes with DHL economy sets. And you don't have to sign a contract!

The benefits for you

  • Ship within Germany starting at EUR 3.49 - no contract required
  • Save up to 19% of your shipping fee¹
  • Convenient sets of 10, 50 or 100 - depending on your needs
  • The larger the pack the greater the savings
  • Includes insurance coverage up to EUR 500 per parcel²
  • 100% climate-neutral shipping - without a surcharge

Here's how to get your DHL economy sets

  • Simple address management with your personal address book
  • Simple address importing of CSV and eBay data
  • Keep track of all your shipments with our practical shipment summary
  • Valuable bonus points for every Paketmarke label franked online

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DHL City Vertrieb is our direct distribution service for commercial customers - advice and sales on your doorstep and no waiting!

The benefits at a glance

  • Personal counselling right where you are
  • Monthly promotions on shipments
  • Sale and delivery of parcel stamps at set prices - no contract required

1 The savings refer to a set of 100 identical parcel stamps (DHL economy set) for domestic parcel up to 10 kg  compared with the regular retail outlet price for a domestic parcel up to 10 kg.
2 Only for "Paket" products (not for "Päckchen").