DHL Multibox

DHL's Multibox is a unique reusable packaging solution for safe transport of refrigerated goods. The Multibox was designed for convenience along the entire transport chain: easy storage and individual packing options while being optimized for transport and smart delivery; it can even be cleaned after use.

Benefits of the DHL Multibox

  • Inspected and certified for use along the entire transport chain from your warehouse to your customers
  • Secure top thanks to unique tamper-evident closure with foam steel rods
  • Packing space can be tailored to item(s) using ice packs and insulation dividers
  • Cooling capacity up to 48 hours thanks to high-performance ice packs
  • Certified beer bottle inserts for 24 x 0.33 liter or 20 x 0.5 liter bottles
  • Designed for several hundred deliveries
  • Optimal storage thanks to standard dimensions

What the new Multibox can do for you: