Industry Sector Solutions

DHL's focus on selected industry sectors means customers benefit from working with specialists - not just in logistics, but also in their particular marketplace. Our aim is to build long-term partnerships and work closely with our customers - often shoulder to shoulder with their management teams. The know-how of our people combined with our industry - leading solutions provides them with real competitive advantage.

Every day, throughout the world, our people work with a huge variety of customers to solve practical problems - from achieving shorter lead times to delivering temperature-controlled freight - in the following industry sectors:


DHL provide transportation and outsourced logistics services across all segments of the aerospace industry's supply chain.


With markets facing tougher challenges everywhere, automotive companies are focusing on the search for competitive advantage.


Your mission is to develop, market and sell the best products possible.


Fashion is the definition of a fast moving industry. Lead times, accuracy, availability and reliability are all of critical importance.

Engineering & Manufacturing

For many industrial producers, the solution to increasing material and labor costs is to source from a different country where the costs are lower.

Life Science and Healthcare

Providing life-saving products is a big responsibility, one with risks that far outweigh those in a typical supply chain environment.


We know that demanding customers, hyper-competitive markets, multi-channel retailing, increased customization and other retail challenges all have major implications for logistics.


Logistics in the technology industry is all about getting valuable products into the hands of tech-hungry consumers and businesses, before they become technically or fashionably obsolete.

Renewable Energy

Solar & Wind Power - DHL has the power for the Logistics solution you might be looking for.

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