Distribution to Stores

We manage effective transport operations from your own distribution centers or cross-docks to your stores. We also manage the return of goods and equipment from store to warehouse.

Whether we're using dedicated or sub-contracted transport, or a mix of both, we ensure that we maximize the combined efficiency of both warehousing and transportation. By working with your suppliers, we maximize opportunities for backloads, to reduce empty running and your overall carbon footprint.

Our solutions design specialists help continually optimize your transport and warehousing network to minimize costs, as the characteristics of your business change, through changing product volumes, mix, or store portfolio.

And by working with the "upstream" supply chain to deliver your products in a store-friendly format, DHL can streamline your store backroom and shelf-replenishment operations. Not only will this increase productivity, but you'll gain time to focus on the core issues that contribute to your out-of-stocks.

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Distribution to Store Services:

  • Cross-dock transport operations
  • Distribution centre transport operations
  • Own fleet and carrier management
  • Back-loading
  • Returns goods handling
  • Roll cage and pallet management
  • Customer service desk

How we work