Tobacco Industry Solutions

DHL has extensive experience in cutting out the middle man, or disintermediation, in the tobacco supply chain. We passionately believe in the process, as it brings our customers many tangible benefits.

By maintaining control of the channel to market, tobacco firms can improve the commercialization of their products. With an effective channel to market, companies enjoy better cost efficiency, flexibility, scalability and better service.

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DHL Tobacco Industry Services:

  • Raw materials collection services and supply planning
  • Leaf consolidation hubs
  • Warehousing of leaf and materials
  • Logistics services for special campaigns and promotions
  • Warehousing of advertising materials
  • Materials and line sequencing
  • Production planning
  • Warehousing, co-packing and export transportation
  • Parcel shipping
  • Finished goods security
  • Forecasting and inventory management
  • Demand planning and purchasing (call centre and order management)
  • Domestic finished good warehousing and distribution
  • Distribution planning
  • Return logistics
  • Premium quality standards

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