Keeping the Aircraft flying - Aircraft On Ground (AOG) services

Although this figure is close to the maximum possible amount, it's still sobering to learn that the cost, per day, for an A380 Airbus to be grounded due to technical reasons is EUR925,000. (Source: Airbus China)

That’s why DHL’s Aircraft On Ground service guarantees to get our customers whatever they need, as fast as they need it, to get their aircraft back in the air.

We’ll deliver mission-critical spare parts, from a mini-screw to a 15 – meter tail unit to waiting aircraft, to any destination, at top speed. All branches involved in transport handling are kept informed of the status of the items being transported. This ensures close monitoring, on-time delivery of your products, and top priority all the way. DHL has set up a system of dedicated contacts for AOG incidents, to ensure we’re always there for you.

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