Customized Car Safety Boxen


Our automotive specialists with many years of experience developed the patented Customized Car Safety Boxes (C2SB and C3SB) which are exclusively used by DHL Global Forwarding.

The result: No matter for which car, for what purpose and for which transport - they are the most innovative solution for the secure, closed, global transport of valuable and unique vehicles. They travel protected from prying eyes and unauthorized touching in their own garage.

In contrast to the often in the industry used car transports freight containers, our patented transport boxes were specially designed for the transport of vehicles by air freight. The optimal combination of the ramp, platform and adjustable hood thus allow an easy and risk free lashing of each car in the pits.

The Customized Car Safety Box (C²SB) consists of a solid frame, whereby the C³SB of a foldable frame with an extendable aluminium hood. The vehicle only must be loaded once. During the whole period of transport, it remains in its "portable garage" because the box will be loaded by a forklift or crane on the respective carriers.

The C²SB and C³SB are particularly suitable for the transport of the following vehicles:

  • Prototypes
  • Test vehicles
  • Valuable Vintages
  • Collectibles
  • Unique
  • Show cars
  • Race cars
  • etc.

Through its special contour the box ideally fits in the shape of an airplane, making it loadable for MD-11 and B-747 freighter aircrafts. However, the transport by sea is also to conduct without any complications.

Safety Box C²SB (video)


Safety Box C³SB (video)