June 14, 2010: DHL Global Forwarding Germany - Cargo Update

Air freight security:
What are the requirements that approved Known Shippers need to fulfil?

Dear Customer,

with the previous Cargo Updates on air freight security, DHL Global Forwarding gave you comprehensive information about the changes that became effective on April 29, 2010. We especially focused on the issues concerning the last-minute approvals as Known Shipper, still carried out by a Regulated Agent, and the operations of "secure" warehousing service providers and carriers. Our Cargo Update from April 15, 2010, gives you an overview about all relevant topics.

By now, most senders that ship air freight on a regular basis will have signed a security declaration so that they are now "safe" during the transitional period until March 25, 2013. But even a change of the company name, the address or legal status will mean loosing this status as the LBA does not allow any transfers. Also, March 25, 2013 is not that far in the future as it may seem today. Applications need to be filed and security
programs to be developed and implemented in order to achieve a new Approval as Authorised Known Shipper, centrally approved by the LBA.

The main target is to get a secured status for your export shipments with reasonable effort. Unsecured does not only mean additional expenses for an x-ray check - in some cases it could lead to severe time delays and disruptions in the supply chain. An example are packed machine parts that won't fit into the available scanners - this will result in time-consuming hand search or sniffer methods that might even require partial unpacking and repacking of the pieces. Depending on the type of goods and package, this complex operation could even require the presence of your packaging specialist. Please make use of the possibility to talk to our experts at the local office about these topics in advance. Now, it is a necessity to evaluate the pros and cons of a company governed security program against the additional costs and service penalties due to not having the status of an Authorised Known Shipper.

Concrete requirements have not been officially published yet, but in our dialogue with the LBA some key points start to become apparent that we would like you to inform about. Again, we think it is important to start with the necessary preparations right now, and DHL Global Forwarding, already operating as a Regulated Agent for a long time, is happy to exchange any experience with you - because the requirements that the future Authorised Known Shipper will have to meet are very similar to those of the Regulated Agent today.

What are the most important changes for shippers?

How do you become an Approved Known Shipper?


The date - March 25, 2013 - should give you enough time to successfully apply for the approval. Let us make the best use of this time. In case of any further questions, please contact your local DHL Global Forwarding office. We are looking forward to assist you.

Yours sincerely,

DHL Global Forwarding

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