Freight Tracking and Applications

As well as tracking and querying, DHL operates a host of advanced customer-facing program management tools. To enter these systems and ensure security of information, log-in details and passwords are required.

For more information, or to speak to someone personally about the whereabouts of your shipment, please contact customer service, who will be delighted to provide complete transparency over all your shipments.

DHL Freight - road and rail transport

DHL Intraship
DHL Intraship is an easy-to-use shipping management solution, configurable to your business needs.

DHL Freight Track & Trace
DHL Active Tracing is the internet-based shipment tracking and reporting system of DHL Freight. The system provides visibility of any freight movement processed in real-time.

DHL Freight Costs Query/Collection Request
Here you can ask for rates and pick ups.

DHL Supply Chain - warehousing, distribution and supply chain solutions

Supply Chain SCoTT Track & Trace
With the Supply Chain tool SCoTT you can track your shipment and investigate your recalls.
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Supply Chain 2-Mann-Handling Track & Trace
Supply Chain Track & Trace provides you with status-information of your 2-Man-Handling shipment.
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Supply Chain agile
Supply Chain Agile is a tool used for the management of material flow, from shipper to consignee.
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DGF Cargo Mobile Tracking

The app offers 4 functions to the user: seeking shipments, saving search queries, a detailed shipping history of the past 6 months, and a "location finder" that shows the nearest DHL Global Forwarding office and its contact details. The search function displays not just the current shipment status; it also allows customers to track further details of the shipment process, such as the shipment's starting time, current location and estimated time of arrival.

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DHL Global Forwarding - air and sea freight

Public Tracking & Tracing
Here, you can track the status of your shipment using your shipment number
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DHL Supply Chain Toolkit
SCT is a global available, modular Internet tool that includes online booking, document management, exception reporting, pre-alerting and more. By using SCT XML webservices, Tracking and tracing data can be easily integrated into our customers ERP systems. Connected systems are Air-, Ocean- and Roadfreight systems.
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Supply Chain Integrator (SCi) Visibility
Supply Chain Integrator (SCI) Visibiity... provides you with vital supply chain information, focusing on visibility and supply chain event management.
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Supply Chain Integrator (SCi) TMS
Supply Chain Integrator (SCI) TMS provides you with vital supply chain information, focusing on transportation management and supply chain event management.
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