Account Management

If project management is about day-to-day effectiveness, account management is where we take a long-term view of our partnership. Account managers serve as customer advocates within your organization. They understand and share your business goals and help ensure that everyone, from the president of a business unit to the frontline forklift operator, knows what's important to you and your customers.

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DHL achieves this by designing a clear contact hierarchy, so your needs are addressed quickly and consistently. We provide open lines of communication with smart, seasoned experts in all the key areas. We leverage thorough industry knowledge to take advantage of best practices and emerging trends.

We make sure you receive a straight answer from someone who can provide it, or knows how to get it quickly. Someone you can count on, to be there every step of the way, backed up by readily accessible experts in key subjects, who can address specific needs or questions.

There are four main account management roles:

Executive Sponsor

Account Manager

Project Manager

Operations Owners/Manager

Global Coverage