In-store Logistics

Delivering to a retail store is about a lot more than putting boxes in a back room and saying ‘over to you’. Our in-store logistics service can ready the product for presentation to the public, so your retail staff don’t have to. Even better, all this can be done overnight, so your staff waste no time during opening hours.

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DHL In-store Logistics Service:

  • Focused on the last leg of the supply chain with distribution from DCs to stores and all related in-store activities
  • Supports in-store operations by creating efficiencies including inventory optimization, labor productivity and promoting stock availability
  • Activities include splitting down totes, separating products by department, removing packaging, moving stock to point of use to support merchandisers
  • Operational cover is provided to 'Non-Trading' activity - loading bay, sales floor recovery, returns
  • It incorporates consolidation, stockroom and shelf replenishment management
  • Inputs innovation to store processes
  • Improvement in supply chain visibility to support buyers and merchandisers in their decision making
  • Increased stock availability, while reducing quantities of needless stock
  • Ultimate goal of improving customer service while targeting cost reductions

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