Customs Brokerage Services in Europe

DHL's pan-European geographical coverage makes us number one for customs brokerage in Europe. The DHL CUSTOMS SERVICES product is delivered across industry and trade through dedicated specialists who have extensive knowledge and management focus on customs.

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Fiscal Representation

Special Customs Procedures

Filling of Pre-declarations

Compliance Package

AEO Application

Control Tower


General Customs Consultancy

Our highly specialised declarants with experience in various industry sectors can be sent to your premises to support you in different fields of the customs clearance process, like taking care of your import declarations or classification of your goods.

This can be a splendid option in case somebody in your customs team is ill or when the peak season arrives.

We can support you in:

  • Secondment of customs specialists to your premises
  • Undertake all customs services and handling on-site
  • Support in time-limited inhouse customs projects

Excise Duty Handling


Customer Benefits

European-wide geographical coverage for all your international transactions out of one hand

Broad range of services based on a solid, proven and flexible European customs network to cover all of your requirements

Best in class expertise and professional people with high legal skills and customer oriented approach