DHL Infopost - product information

Affordable, efficient delivery of coextensive catalogues and printed material to your target market throughout Germany with DHL Infopost.

The benefits for you

  • Especially good value for money with shipments of same format and weight
  • Free forwarding
  • Drop-off and delivery also on Saturdays
  • Professional shipping support with the Dialogpost Manager.

Single DHL Infopost in Quaderform

Illustration size and and weight DHL Infopost individual

Pallet with stacked DHL Infopost (unbundled only)

Illustration size and weight DHL Infopost stacked

* weight of pallet included.
** hight of pallet included.

GoGreen: Making a sustainable contribution towards climate protection

As part of the GoGreen climate protection programme, we calculate the CO2 emissions generated by transport using a method based on the "GHG Protocol for Products" standard. In accordance with the specifications of the Kyoto Protocol, these emissions are offset by climate protection projects. With DHL, you can relax knowing that not only will your shipment reach its destination quickly and securely, but with climate-neutral shipping, you're also making a contribution towards climate protection.

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Packaging and shipping

To help you prepare your shipments as effectively as possible, we’re put together a few tips and tricks. From advice on packaging material and shipping logistics software to general shipping hints, we can offer you a wealth of support for professional shipment handling.

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