DHL Paket - product information

Use DHL Paket for your nationwide service sending parcels up to 31.5 kg anywhere in Germany. Parcels are usually delivered on the next working day.

The benefits for you

  • Fastest nationwide delivery - usually on the next working day
  • Free regular pick-ups (with 200 parcels a year or more)
  • Delivery on all working days including Saturdays
  • 24/ 7 access to over 2,500 Packstations


DHL Paket National, size: min. 15 x 11 x 1 cm, max. 200 x <200 x <200 cm, weight upt to 31,5 kg

* Please note...


The Paketmarke billing option is the ideal solution for your DHL Paket items if you send more than 200 parcels per year. Paketmarken are prepaid and can be used for parcels of up to 31.5 kg for delivery throughout Germany.

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Production-based billing: The new, sophisticated, EDI-based billing system



If you submit your orders to carry shipments to Deutsche Post DHL Group electronically via EDI, your shipments will not only be billed based on the EDI data transmitted, but they will also be compared with the shipment data logged by Deutsche Post DHL Group and billed on a production-assisted basis.



Drop-off list-based billing: Billing based on information from paper drop-off lists

If you do not send your orders for shipment carriage via EDI to Deutsche Post DHL Group, you can use our order proformas in paper form to document your orders. The information they contain is used as the basis for billing.

Individual Collection Order: Items are conveniently picked up at your desired address, anywhere in Germany

The individual collection order service is arranged automatically, free of charge, when you conclude a business customer agreement. As a business customer, you can place your request for individual parcel pick-ups conveniently online, by telephone or by remote data transfer.

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Cash on delivery: Guarantees secure payment for your goods upon delivery

The cash on delivery service guarantees secure payment for your goods upon delivery. Parcels labelled "cash on delivery" are only handed over to the recipient against payment for the goods. The maximum amount for cash on delivery shipments is EUR 3,500. Once collected, the cash is transferred to your nominated account.

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GoGreen: Making a sustainable contribution towards climate protection

As part of the GoGreen climate protection programme, we calculate the CO2 emissions generated by transport using a method based on the "GHG Protocol for Products" standard. In accordance with the specifications of the Kyoto Protocol, these emissions are offset by climate protection projects. With DHL, you can relax knowing that not only will your shipment reach its destination quickly and securely, but with climate-neutral shipping, you're also making a contribution towards climate protection.

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Visual Check of Age - is as simple and convenient as in the grocery store!

Parcel delivered only to authorized persons in recipient's household who meet specified minimum age requirements.

This service helps you to keep the age check procedure as simple and convenient as possible:

  • As a general rule all persons in the recipient's household are authorized/eligible to receive the shipment.
  • Age check performed with the help of an official photo ID or simply "on sight" (without ID) if person clearly meets minimum age requirements.

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Additional insurance: The ideal solution for parcels: protected, even if they exceed the liability limit of EUR 500

With additional insurance, you can insure your parcel beyond the usual liability limits. The shipment is not marked out as containing valuables. It is processed anonymously in the normal system.

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Bulky goods: Solutions as well for XL-shipments!

Dispatch of parcels up to 31.5 kg

  • that exceed the standard measurements (rectangular items: 120 x 60 x 60 cm) up to 200cm length and 360 girth combined
  • all roll-shaped items up to 200cm length or Ø up to max. 60 cm
  • for shipments which require a special operational handling apart from the standard automatic distribution process due to their dimensions or packaging specifics

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Ident-Check: Identity & age verification that is documented and based on ID card presentation

  • Ensures secure delivery of goods only to intended recipient (delivery to other authorized person not possible): Recipient must verify identity by presenting valid identification (incl. first name, last name and DOB if applicable)
  • Age check: optional verification of DOB or specified minimum age

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Named Person Only: Identity verification that is simple, convenient and cost-effective!

The parcel delivered is only to recipient in person or possible to designate authorized recipient for a specific shipment/item.

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No Neighbour Delivery: Protects the privacy of your customers when shipping sensitive goods/products

The Delivery of parcel to recipient's neighbours is excluded: this can be beneficial for sensitive goods (e.g. eroticism or hygiene products).

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Preferred Day: You decide when your parcel will arrive!

  • Parcel handover to DHL up to six workdays in advance so that any weekday (Mon-Sat) can be specified as the preferred delivery day
  • You improve the chance of reaching your customer at home, thus saving him/her a trip to their postal outlet

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Preferred time: You decide in which time frame your parcel will be delivered

Delivery in one of the selectable two-hour time frames (Monday - Saturday):

  • Nationwide in Germany for evening deliveries:
    6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
  • In specific German conurbations for daytime deliveries:
    10:00 a.m. - 12:00; 12:00 - 2:00 p.m.; 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.; 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Second delivery attempt in the same time frame on the following working day included in the price.

You improve the chance of reaching your customer at home, thus saving him/her a trip to their retail outlet.

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Parcel Recall: Prevent your parcel's delivery if there is suspicion of mail order fraud

The Parcel Recall service lets you prevent the delivery of parcels already handed over to DHL and have them returned to the sender address listed on the parcel label. This helps you to avoid the loss of your merchandise if there is suspicion of mail order fraud and you can respond flexibly to changes in customer requests.

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Packaging and shipping

To help you prepare your shipments as effectively as possible, we’re put together a few tips and tricks. From advice on packaging material and shipping logistics software to general shipping hints, we can offer you a wealth of support for professional shipment handling.

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With DHL Shipping software, sending parcels is easy and convenient

DHL Business Customer Portal

The DHL Business Customer Portal is a web based eSolution and allows you to prepare and keep check of your shipments. With the new and innovative shipping function you can manage your national and international shipments and eBay orders with DHL Parcel. The portal also allows you to book pick ups or returns and to order shipping materials. It provides you with further functions such as track & trace, the investigation on domestic shipments and the management of invoices.

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The Easylog shipping software is available for customers who send 20,000 shipments or more per year. The desktop software can be used as a standalone or network installation and offers semi-automatic or fully automatic shipment handling.

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DHL Reception Services

With DHL Reception Services, we offer your customers the most convenient parcel reception service of all time. At home, at the Packstation or in branch.

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Shipment notification

The shipment notification service allows you to know exactly when your customers will receive their package. It also allows you to offer your customers total transparency as well as the possibility to plan their schedules ahead by giving them the date of delivery in advance. As the shipper you can select when to give notification for individual types of shipments: either with early notification on the day prior to delivery, or with shorter notice on the morning of delivery.

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