DHL Field Sales Service

By supplying your field sales team through DHL, you can ensure that your staffs are making the most productive use of their time.

You can reduce the costs of your inventory and improve the quality of your field sales team supplies.

You can call on a comprehensive network of Packstations.

Your benefits

Time saving

  • Short lead times thanks to comprehensive Packstation network.
  • Spare parts and materials can be picked up from and returned to a Packstation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week*.
  • You can determine the delivery speed using DHL Paket or DHL Express.
  • Access permission for each registered employee in real time.
  • Employees do not have to wait at home for the arrival of spare parts.

Reduced costs

  • No additional fees - use of the Packstation network is free.
  • Reduction in inventory levels thanks to quick turnaround times for materials / spare parts.
  • Less material waste thanks to excellent transparency.
  • Reduced planning input thanks to simpler coordination of deployment planning and logistics for the material /spare parts required.

Improved quality

  • Increased security - access with customer card + PIN.
  • Documented issue of spare parts and materials.
  • High transparency thanks to the Packstation Internet portal.
  • Central control of access to spare parts and material.

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