GoGreen - environmentally friendly shipping

The future belongs to companies who actively take responsibility for climate protection. So take advantage of our GoGreen dispatch service and support climate protection projects to offset emissions.

Illustration GoGreen

As part of the GoGreen climate protection programme, we calculate the emissions generated by transport using a method based on the „GHG Protocol for Products“ standard. In accordance with the specifications of the Kyoto Protocol, these emissions are offset by climate protection projects.

The entire process - from the CO2 calculation for your shipments and the deployment of funds in individual, global CO2-offsetting projects to the delivery of your certificate - is handled by DHL.

With DHL, you can relax knowing that not only will your shipment reach its destination quickly and securely, but with climate-neutral shipping, you're also making a contribution towards climate protection.

Your benefits

  • Climate-neutral dispatch: With GoGreen you are making a sustainable contribution towards climate protection - You can offset the transport-related CO2e emissions caused by your individual volume of parcels.
  • A sustainable image: You will receive a certificate on the CO2e emissions you have saved on an annual basis. Using the GoGreen communication methods, you are sending a clear signal in favor of environmental protection to your customer.
  • For your international parcels as well: You can use GoGreen dispatch within Germany and internationally with DHL Paket.