International bulky goods

Bulky goods are shipments that

  • if cuboid, exceed the maximum dimensions of a DHL Paket International (120 x 60 x 60 cm),
  • if roll-shaped, weigh more than 5 kg or exceed a length of 120 cm or a diameter of 15 cm or 
  • have special packaging features (e.g. no cardboard packaging, wrapped in film or plastic, with protruding parts or uneven surfaces).

Please note ...

This service is not available for shipping to all countries. You will find more information under "Services" on the relevant country information page. (Unfortunately only in German):

max. length 200 cm,
max. combined length and girth (=L+2xB+2xH)=300
up to 30 kg

Roll shape:
max. length 200 cm, max. diam. 60 cm,
length plus measured circumference max. 360 cm

* depending on the country