Sender's instructions

Before sending your parcel, specify what should happen if your shipment cannot be delivered in the destination country. To do this, please tick the sender's instructions directly on the shipping form for your international shipment:

a) Return to sender (Renvoyer à l'expéditeur)

If your parcel item cannot be delivered to the recipient in the destination country, it is returned. The type of return transport will be determined by the postal company in the recipient country:

  • Return via road transport: EUR 10 (generally used for return deliveries from European countries)
  • Return via air transport: EUR 20 (generally used for return deliveries from non-European countries)

The charge is only levied if your parcel shipment is actually returned.

b) Abandon (Traiter comme abandonné)

If your parcel shipment cannot be delivered, it will not be returned to you, but rather auctioned off or sold by the recipient country's postal company. You will not be charged anything for this.