Sender's instructions

With sender's instructions, you can specify before you ship what is to happen with the delivery in certain cases - for instance if the recipient cannot be contacted.

With DHL Paket, choose from the following forms of sender’s instructions

  • Delivery on specified date - you define the day on which your customer receives the parcel.
  • In-person delivery - only your customer, and not their neighbour, receives the parcel.
  • Customer moved information - you are notified if your customer has moved.
  • Undeliverable notification - you are notified if one of your parcels cannot be delivered, for example if the address was wrong.

You then determine what happens with the parcel:

  • Forward to another address
  • Second attempt to deliver to the same address
  • Return to you
  • Return immediately - the parcel is not stored at a branch or Packstation for collection if we have not been able to reach the recipient.

With DHL Infopost you can choose from the following sender’s instructions:

  • If the recipient has moved, forward

This service is available for

DHL Paket
DHL Infopost