Customs and export information

When you send parcels outside the European Union, various regulations apply which we have summarised for you.

  • Please make sure that you comply with the specific import and customs regulations of the destination country.
  • For shipments to countries outside the EU, always attach a carefully completed customs declaration (CN23 or CN22) to the item.
  • Check whether you also need to complete an export declaration.

Parcel shipping within the EU

Parcel shipping outside the EU

Additional information

for sending private parcels

for sending business parcels

Important information about guarantees

Important information about the export declaration

There are various situations in which you must complete an export declaration for items sent to non-EU states or EU excepted territories with DHL Paket International.

An export declaration is required if:

  • The shipment contains goods for commercial purposes (e.g. sales resulting from an Internet auction) whose total value exceeds EUR 1,000 or
  • The shipment contains goods for commercial purposes that form part of a regular series of similar transactions and the material value of the individual shipment is less than EUR 1,000 but the total material value of all shipments exceeds EUR 1,000 or
  • The shipment contains goods
  • for which a guarantee of export rebate or other sums or the reimbursement of expenses is intended or has been applied for;
  • that are banned or restricted, or are subject to export approval for goods, production documents and technologies as a result of the regulations laid down in foreign trade legislation and the legal acts of the Council or Commission of the European Communities or
  • are subject to other formalities (e.g. requirement for an export licence, statistical formalities).

Note: The exporter or his representative is obliged as per § 9 Para. 1 of the German Foreign Trade Ordinance (AWV) to register the goods electronically with the export customs office before handover to Deutsche Post AG.

How can I make an export declaration?

Is a written export declaration possible?