DHL recipient service - Packstation

The benefits for you

  • Packstation allows you to receive and send shipments day and night*.
  • This does away with the need to wait in for the delivery person and you don't have to obey any opening hours.
  • There are 3,000 Packstations available throughout Germany.


* At some locations, the opening times may vary.

Your shipment is in the Packstation, but you haven't received an mTAN yet?

More information

Unfortunately this tool is only available in German.

1. What kind of shipments can I send via Packstation?

2. What kind of shipments can I have delivered to a Packstation?

3. What is the maximum permissible size for shipments?

4. Will I get a receipt as proof of posting?

5. Why are my shipments being sent to my home address?

6. Why was my shipment redirected to a post office?

7. What’s the right way to address my shipments to a Packstation?

8. Why can’t I log in on the Internet?

9. Can other people use my Goldcard? Is the Goldcard transferrable?

10. Do I have to nominate a specific Packstation when registering?

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