DHL Päckchen

Use the DHL Päckchen to send even your small shipments quickly and reliably - and at an inexpensive price.

The benefits for you

  • Shipping within Germany from just EUR 3.89*
  • Deliveries are usually made on the next working day
  • Easy and convenient online franking
  • Includes climate neutral shipping
DHL Päckchen National, size: min. 15 x 11 x 1 cm, max. 60 x 30 x 15 cm, weight up to 2 kg, from EUR 3.89DHL Päckchen National, size: min. 15 x 11 x 1 cm, max. 60 x 30 x 15 cm, weight up to 2 kg, from EUR 3.89

You will also benefit when you buy your postage online from our even cheaper Päckchen price.

Weight Dimensions Outlet price
Online price*
up to 1 kg
max. 30 x 30 x 15 cm EUR 4.00
EUR 3.89
up to 2 kg
max. 60 x 30 x 15 cm EUR 4.50
EUR 4.39

* All prices are final prices and VAT-free in accordance with VAT legislation unless otherwise indicated in the individual prices quoted.
** includes VAT on all packaging material

Is your shipping heavier or larger than this?

DHL Paket up to 31.5 kg including shipment tracking and transport insurance.


If you wish to send a shipment in roll format, you will require a roll stamp.

min. length 15 cm, Ø 5 cm
max. length 90 cm, Ø 15 cm
Up to 2 kg
+EUR 1.50
(in addition to the parcel price)

If your shipment exceeds the maximum weight or dimensions, you can also use the "Roll" service with DHL Paket.

Arrange pick-up

You can arrange to have your Päckchen picked up when you frank it with online franking. Is your parcel already sufficiently franked? Then you can arrange pick-up right away.


If your are moving or going on vacation we will take care of your parcels.
You can obtain redirection for your national parcel. 
Additional to the redirection tax the price for every redirected parcel has to be paid as follows:

Service Redirection
EUR 6.99 1 (additonal fee for service redirection)

1 Price includes VAT

Read more for detailed information

Do you frequently send Päckchen abroad? Our money-saving offers.

Liability up to EUR 25

Please note that the “proof of delivery” service is not available anymore since 01.01.2012. But with a Paket weighing up to 2 kg you can already enjoy an enhanced product for the same price: Send a Paket with the weight and volume of a Päckchen including shipment tracking and increased liability of EUR 500 for just EUR 4.99.
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Environmentally friendly shipping

Notes on our packaging solutions

With handy DHL shipping boxes, you can always find the right packaging for your parcels.
DHL offers you a choice between high-quality Packsets and cheaper basic cardboard boxes.

DHL Packsets

  • DIN-tested quality
  • Five different sizes
  • Various colourful motifs for sending, giving and storing

Further information and prices

DHL Packstation

Do you want to use the facility that’s always open to receive your parcels and send your returns? All of the information about DHL Packstation and other recipient services can be found here.